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Cannelloni Manicotti Lasagne Production Line

The cannelloni production line, consisting of various machine synchronised one with the other by a centralised management and control system, allow a continuous output of about 5000 pieces/hour. The pasta sheet coming from the Mixer-Press, once sheeted, is collected and accompanied by an input belt into the bin of the Cooker that contains water heated by a heat exchange coil located at the bin’s base at a suitable temperature (< 100°C). The water flows inside the Cooker, varying the path of the sheet immersed in it and therefore varying the cooking time.
The basin that contains the hot water are also two overlaid and parallel belt conveyors, immersed in the water and integrated into the cover.
The Cover-Belts unit can be lifted using an automatic device for access to the basin for cleaning. The sheet exiting on the input belt traveling on the bottom is transported and guided between the two cooker belts towards the outlet.
The sheet then passes into the Rinser and Cooler Basin containing room temperature water. An immersion roller keeps the sheet in the water and an exit belt takes it to a Longitudinal Cutter that divides into 4 stripes that are divaricated and laid out onto the shaping belt.
In the case of cannellone production, onto the strip of past is continuously placed the filling coming from the Feeder-Doser unit. The strip of pasta with the filling is shaped into cannelloni and cut by a Transversal Cutter at the desired length.
In the case of lasagne production, the feeder unit and rolling machine are not used, thus allowing the production of lasagne of variable length based on the setting of the transversal cut parameter.

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