FAQ: For everyone who wishes to open a Pasta factory

FAQ: For everyone who wishes to open a Pasta factory

Questions and answers pasta machinery

Will I encounter difficulties to use your pasta machine for fresh pasta?

  • Absolutely not. It is fast, safe and easy to use. Our machines for fresh pasta ?are designed and built to be functional and economical to use. In a few minutes you can produce any size of fresh pasta.

Can you notice the difference in taste between homemade pasta and the commercial one?

  • Absolutely, the quality of fresh pasta is much higher than the one in trade, even the best brands, and it becomes a special dish even with simple flavors.

How many types and sizes of fresh pasta can be produced with your machines?

  • We have many opportunities for long and short pasta with about 80 formats. Then we have the traditional ravioli, such as round, square and moon-shaped but also special shapes like heart, funghi, caramel and fish. Not to mention the Cappelletti, tortellini and ravioli in all sizes.
Questions and answers to open an artisan pasta factory.

Which machine should I use to make pastry and how long should it be?

  • With our presses it is very simple. You can also adjust the thickness in widths of 140 , 280 and 400 mm.

What do I need to make “short” pasta?

  • For our presses we supplied a cutting unit with adjustable speed. You can make short and long pasta as you prefer. It’s easy.

The pasta made with your machines , does it look the same aesthetically as the commercial one?

  • They are two totally different products aesthetically . If the dough is produced in a laboratory, it will have a handcrafted look, natural color and it will look rough. The one found in supermarkets, because it was processed, will be more polished.

With questions and answers to choose the most suitable pasta format

What types of soups can be done with your machines?

  • It ‘s simple. Just change the bronze die with the desired format and mount the automatic knife for cutting.

If you use the machine every day, what kind maintenance does it need?

  • None in particular. Just keep it clean.

Once I buy the pasta machines, where do I learn how to use them?

  • The courses of instruction are our strong point. Once you buy the machines, you will take a course of 2-3 days at our pasta labs, where you will learn the use of machinery and the secrets to make fresh pasta.

Which pasta to choose for a diet? Fresh pasta, wheat flour, integral?

  • The choice of type will depend on the dish you ‘re going to prepare, any digestive (bloating, diarrhea or constipation, diverticular disease and so on) or metabolic problems (diabetes mellitus or elevated triglycerides), food intolerance (celiac disease or gluten intolerance), food and food ingredients allergies. In the case of diabetes for example, you should make integral pasta, while in the case of diverticular disease you can use wheat durum or fresh pasta, and for celiac disease the gluten-free one.

How long should I dry it so I can keep the pasta in glass or plastic cans, so it doesn’t get moldy?

  • Can I also store it in the freezer? It depends on the outside temperature and humidity in the air. The dough is, however, ready to be stored when it is completely dry and hard to the touch, breaking sharply if it is bent or compressed. The storage in the freezer is a great and easy way to maintain all the typical characteristics of quality and taste of fresh pasta.

Is fresh pasta good for the health?

  • Pasta is one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, the style of food that dieticians around ?the world consider the closest to the ideal for a healthy and long life. The abundant use of products with a high proportion of starches (pasta, pizza bread, rice, potatoes or chestnuts) contributes, together with the high consumption of fruits and vegetables, to ensure the Mediterranean population’s atherosclerosis case is significantly lower than those of northern Europe and North America.

Can I use the dishwasher to wash the removable parts of the machine?

  • Certainly, without problems, or a sponge with soap and water. Dry it well afterwards.
Questions and answers to open an artisan pasta factory.

How to address the new pasta market trends

Can I use the so-called alternative flour for glucose intolerance, given that this type of dough is very expensive?

  • We know that this kind of dough , as well as being difficult to find, is also very expensive. ?With our machines it is easy to solve this problem, as they can work any type of flour, allowing everyone to enjoy a good plate of pasta.

What does “shelf life” mean?

  • It is the period of use of the product on the market , which is the time between the date of packaging and expiration date. It is the result of laboratory tests that go on to analyze the organoleptic, chemical and bacteriological aspects aimed at identifying the appropriate time period in which the product maintains its characteristics.
Questions and answers to open an artisan pasta factory.

What is the Modified Atmosphere or IMAP?

  • The technology or protective packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP ) is ?the packaging of food products in an atmosphere different from that natural and consists of gas mixtures in different proportions: primarily oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide (two inert gases, which are common in the atmosphere).

Can your machines make pasta without eggs?

  • Certainly. You can make pasta without eggs, provided that you use only whole wheat flour and water. In this case, it will take more time to dry the pasta.

What is packaged fresh pasta in ATM or modified atmosphere?

  • The use of gas in the packaging is now common practice for many food products. ?For fresh pasta, the right mixture of gas provides a significant increase in the durability of the products compared to packaging in the air, delaying the formation of mold In addition, all the aromas and the qualitative characteristics of pasta are perfectly preserved. The benefit is in fact an extension of the shelf life.

What kind of stuffing I use for ravioli, Cappelletti, tortellini and agnolotti?

  • Any kind of dough will be fine, as well as meat, cheese and cottage cheese, vegetables. The important thing is that it is creamy and without lumps.

Where can I find information on loans and grants to open a laboratory for fresh pasta?

  • We put at the disposal of our visitors to this page a number of links to resources where you can find information about: funding, advice, grants and laws.

Other than your offices in Rome, do you have other branches in Italy?

  • We guarantee a technical sales support throughout the country, with highly qualified staff. We also have branches in Barletta Pescara, Villasor (CA) and Naples.

I have a restaurant which seats 100 in the evening. Should I buy the machines and produce fresh pasta?

  • Of course you should. Having 50 years of experience in the field of machinery for fresh pasta, we ?designed and built a series of machines for the beverage industry: the small P/10 basic pasta machine that kneads and produces the dough; the RN/80 the jewel board that produces Ravioli ; the LT/200 laminates the dough and cuts the noodles ; TC/1 machine that cuts the noodles and papardelle with Casareccio cutting.

Questions and answers to open an artisan fresh pasta workshop

Questions and answers to open an artisan pasta factory.

I would like to start a fresh pasta shop. How much area should the room have? What is the minimum investment?

  • To open a laboratory of fresh pasta you can start small with a room of only 50 m² . This laboratory will be equipped with everything needed for an easy preparation of fresh pasta and for the sale of the final product. For the laboratory you need: a stainless steel work table, a press mixer with winder for the dough, a rolling mill cutter bench, the one for ravioli and gnocchi, a set of cutters for the short pasta press, a refrigerator, a combined meat mincer with grater and a full kitchen with 4 burner stove and a cooker hood. For the counter you need a refrigerated case, an electronic scale and a cash register. In total it is estimated an investment of around € 60,000 , but some pasta machines may be available second-hand, reconditioned and guaranteed.

Ideal Pasta Factory

5 Reasons to open a pasta factory

Open a Pasta Factory

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Ideal Pasta Factory

5 Reasons to open a pasta factory

Open a Pasta Factory

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Produzione pasta secca dalla molitura al confezionamento

Una giornata interamente dedicata all’essiccazione della pasta: il Corso pasta secca. Nella programmazione dei corsi per chi vuole aprire un Pastificio, abbiamo introdotto una giornata illustrativa e formativa, per illustrare e spiegare il processo produttivo di produzione di pasta secca artigianale.

Andremo ad analizzare, con contenuti pratici, le varie fasi che compongono la produzione di pasta secca:

Al termine della giornata, avrete modo di interagirer con i tecnini commerciali, che vi daranno supporto nello sviluppo pratico sulla vostra idea.

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Come aprire un laboratorio di Pasta e Gastronomia

Il business della pasta fresca negli ultimi anni è in continua crescita, ciò è dovuto soprattutto alla maggiore attenzione verso un’alimentazione sana e alla ricerca di piatti tradizionali e caserecci. Per questo motivo abbiamo introdotto nella nostra Azienda i Corsi GRATUITI per aprire ed avviare un Laboratorio Artigianale per la produzione di pasta fresca e Gastronomia.

Parleremo di: impasti, ripieni e utilizzo di tutte le Macchine, cottura a Convenzione Vapore per Gastronomie, Ristoranti e Pastifici, l’Abbattitore di Temperatura ed i suoi vantaggi, la Pastorizzazione e l’Essiccazione, il Confezionamento Sottovuoto in Atmosfera Modificata (ATM) degli alimenti.