Pasteurization line for fresh filled pasta

Pasteurization line for fresh filled pasta

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PAMA fresh pasta lines are designed for the highest quality and commercial durability of short pasta, long pasta and filled pasta, with a single pasteurization process. We match, after the pasteurization high temperature drying and cooling systems for pastes that must subsequently be packaged in a Modified Atmosphere.

Pasteurization line for fresh filled pasta
The best compromise between duration and organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Thanks to the technologies for the production of the dough, it is possible to obtain dough with high quality cooking and an excellent yellow color, also thanks to the vacuum technology applied to our extruder presses.

If you want to open a pasta factory, and have fully automatic lines to increase your market and reach the most demanding customers, you can achieve these goals by having our company at your side, which will support you at 360 ° from the start of the project to training. after sales.

Ideal Pasta Factory

5 Reasons to open a pasta factory

Open a Pasta Factory

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

The machines that make up a pasteurized filled fresh pasta line

Presses extruders machines

Industrial machine, powerful, versatile, complete, reliable, to use in automatic lines for the production of different types of pasta. Double bowls, mixing trees removable, adjustable scroll speed with inverter, cutting, head cooling. Optional: winder for sheet of pasta and refrigerator.

Hourly output: da 60 a 300 kg/h

Automatic Sheeter cutter calibration of the sheet and cut fettuccine, tagliatelle, tonnarelli, Pappardelle.

Sheeter cutter machine fully automatic, suitable for the production of large and medium industries of all types of noodles, noodles, spaghetti, pappardelle, special typical regional shapes, lasagne and cannelloni.

Hourly output: da 80 a 300 kg/h

Ravioli automatic mod. RN/AL

Ravioli machine designed and built for the most demanding industrial, with production up to 330 kg/h double sheet ravioli in various formats as in the catalog and special. Group of rolling pastry independent group of dosage for any type of filling, product formation with exclusive molds.

Hourly output: up to 330 kg/h

Pasteurizers equipment for the hydrothermal treatment of fresh pasta with filling mod. PS/G-V

Machinery, manufactured completely in STAINLEES STEEL, for HEAT TREATMENT of fresh pasta and stuffed pasta (Pasteurization) with heating system with boiler integrated into the machine and heat exchanger immersed in water. The system adopted eliminates heat loss into the environment and minimizes the power consumption allowing returns of 90/92%. The coverage of the area of pasteurization easily removable allows the total (washing) of the steam production tank and of the belt. Power supply: LPG – METHANE – STEAM.

Main characteristics of Pasteurizers for long, short, filled fresh pasta

Pre dryers coolers for fresh pasta pasteurized

The pre-dryer is mainly used to reduce the humidity of the product. The machine consists of a stainless steel structure divided into several zones. In the upper part there are fans and heat exchangers or electric resistances, while in the lower part there are the product conveyor belts. The whole is closed by insulated panels in stainless steel that can be opened.

The cooler was designed and built to lower the temperature of filled pasta or puff pastry. Entirely built in stainless steel and covered with insulated panels, it is produced in different lengths and heights according to the production needs of the pasta factory. Multiple product conveyor belts can be provided based on the quantity and time of heat treatment. In coolers that provide for an outlet temperature of the product below 4 ° C, the coils are equipped with an automatic defrosting system.

The heating and cooling powers will be calculated based on the weight of the product and the type of heat treatment that will be carried out.

The N. of the belts is variable according to the spaces available and the type of treatment to be performed.

The speeds of the belts are variable to allow variation of the drying and cooling time.

Both the pre-dryer and the cooler will be made respecting the customer’s needs, size and mass of the product, available spaces, purpose of the production cycle (packaging, freezing, etc.).

Automatic vertical form fill seal packaging machine for fresh pasta

ENTRY LEVEL packaging machine for pasta (with 1 weigher)

Inclined form fill seal packing machine with 1 head weigher, infeed conveyor, vibrating feed hopper and take away conveyor. The line is very compact and is suitable for all those have a small production and have reduced money availability.

In the future you can mount up till 4 head weigher or a multihead weigher and increase your production. Electro-pneumatic vertical packaging machine that makes 3 side seal packs of various forms and sizes, starting from the printed or neutral coil flat, on which you can apply labels, expiry date and lot.

Ideal Pasta Factory

5 Reasons to open a pasta factory

Open a Pasta Factory

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Produzione pasta secca dalla molitura al confezionamento

Una giornata interamente dedicata all’essiccazione della pasta: il Corso pasta secca. Nella programmazione dei corsi per chi vuole aprire un Pastificio, abbiamo introdotto una giornata illustrativa e formativa, per illustrare e spiegare il processo produttivo di produzione di pasta secca artigianale.

Andremo ad analizzare, con contenuti pratici, le varie fasi che compongono la produzione di pasta secca:

Al termine della giornata, avrete modo di interagirer con i tecnini commerciali, che vi daranno supporto nello sviluppo pratico sulla vostra idea.

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Come aprire un laboratorio di Pasta e Gastronomia

Il business della pasta fresca negli ultimi anni è in continua crescita, ciò è dovuto soprattutto alla maggiore attenzione verso un’alimentazione sana e alla ricerca di piatti tradizionali e caserecci. Per questo motivo abbiamo introdotto nella nostra Azienda i Corsi GRATUITI per aprire ed avviare un Laboratorio Artigianale per la produzione di pasta fresca e Gastronomia.

Parleremo di: impasti, ripieni e utilizzo di tutte le Macchine, cottura a Convenzione Vapore per Gastronomie, Ristoranti e Pastifici, l’Abbattitore di Temperatura ed i suoi vantaggi, la Pastorizzazione e l’Essiccazione, il Confezionamento Sottovuoto in Atmosfera Modificata (ATM) degli alimenti.