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Pasta bar cooking Take Away

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Pasta bar cooking Take Away

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to stop: the restaurants are all full, and to have lunch somewhere could take hours. Luckily for us, there is a solution for fast lifestyle: TAKE AWAY.

Why not make this meal a healthy one too?

Get a meal with rich choice of fresh and tasty sauces. You can have your pasta on-site, with a glass of good wine perhaps, or packed for take-away for you to taste at home, or your office!

Following YOUR IDEA, we created an ad hoc solution for small spaces and investments.

Our solution is addressed to traditional operators who want to diversify their offer; to young entrepreneurs that through a modest investment can open a business even without having a great experience in the restaurant industry; to the final consumer by offering the opportunity to enjoy a break with a typical Italian, economic, practical, fast and high quality meal.

What kind of connections I need?

Both PASTATION that COOKING STATION are fully electricIt ‘just that the location has a three-phase connection to 400VAlso there is need of a water mains to feed automatically the pasta cooker of COOKING STATION and the extrusion pipe for cooling the PASTATIONAll very simple and practical since the two machines fully autonomous and simple to installA handy sink and refrigerator 0 + 4 ° C will complete the necessary equipment for the production and administration of your first courses.

What do I do with Pastation?

In 150 cm you have everything you need to produce high-quality fresh pasta: different shapes of ravioli, tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle, tonnarelli, browse for lasagna, macaroni as rigatoni, fusilli, conchiglioni and long pasta. In addition you will have a small dryer for pasta, a useful drawer to tidy all of your kitchen tools, a container for flour and semolina, a compartment and a shelf for working in stainless steel. At the end of the day you can move it on wheels and have the space to complete your cleaning.

And to cook?

The great confort of having a large kitchen in only 150 cm with a large pasta cooker which refills automatically itself with water when in need, 1 or 2 professional induction hobs of 3500 Watt, a chopping board with a drawer, 3 trays for sauces, a vapors aspiration system, a glass shelf with lED lighting and an innovative design that will make the distribution of the dough very enjoyable. All this is extremely simple to use and maintain. A small but a great kitchen to prepare pasta in many different ways and for every taste.

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Having the opportunity to leverage the experience of a company that for 60 years designing and manufacturing machines for pasta factories not cheap. With Pama will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the potential of the sectoryou decide together with the Technical / Commercial setting up ad hoc of your localyou will be accompanied / a by a real Pastaio that will teach you everything about the production of fresh pastaThis is our work all along. NOT ‘A franchaising BUT yOUR BUSINESS “.

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Una giornata interamente dedicata all’essiccazione della pasta: il Corso pasta secca. Nella programmazione dei corsi per chi vuole aprire un Pastificio, abbiamo introdotto una giornata illustrativa e formativa, per illustrare e spiegare il processo produttivo di produzione di pasta secca artigianale.

Andremo ad analizzare, con contenuti pratici, le varie fasi che compongono la produzione di pasta secca:

Al termine della giornata, avrete modo di interagirer con i tecnini commerciali, che vi daranno supporto nello sviluppo pratico sulla vostra idea.

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Il business della pasta fresca negli ultimi anni è in continua crescita, ciò è dovuto soprattutto alla maggiore attenzione verso un’alimentazione sana e alla ricerca di piatti tradizionali e caserecci. Per questo motivo abbiamo introdotto nella nostra Azienda i Corsi GRATUITI per aprire ed avviare un Laboratorio Artigianale per la produzione di pasta fresca e Gastronomia.

Parleremo di: impasti, ripieni e utilizzo di tutte le Macchine, cottura a Convenzione Vapore per Gastronomie, Ristoranti e Pastifici, l’Abbattitore di Temperatura ed i suoi vantaggi, la Pastorizzazione e l’Essiccazione, il Confezionamento Sottovuoto in Atmosfera Modificata (ATM) degli alimenti.