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Industrial pasta machine: since dal 1950

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Industrial pasta machine: since dal 1950

We offer systems for pasta factories consisting of semi-automatic and automatic lines for the production of fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta.

These industrial pasta machine for pasta factories involve the use of pasteurizers, trabatti for pre-drying, cooling tunnels, static dryers, and product stabilization area.

We study and customize systems for pasta factories in different production solutions; small and medium-sized systems up to high-tech automatic systems with productions of 300-500 kg / h

Long pasta production plants.

The choice to design systems for completely automatic pasta factories for tagliatelle was dictated by the desire to always offer the most advanced technologies, without neglecting the tradition of the pasta factory and the genuine quality of the product.

The modular systems, industrial pasta machine, designed by PAMA PARSI MACCHINE for the construction of systems for pasta factories have the purpose of using several series machines with high quality standards, connected and controlled between them through a centralized control system.

The industrial lines for tagliatelle can be composed of:

  • Kneading presses up to 300 kg/h
  • Automatic rolling mills up to 600 mm sheet width
  • Automatic sheeters and cutters
  • cooling belts
  • Gas or steam pasteurizers up to 7 meters
  • Pre-dryers
  • Coolers
  • Automatic vertical packaging machines for envelopes with ATM.

Furthermore, the need to produce in small spaces in pasta factories has become a necessity over the years.

This is why we have designed and built systems for pasta factories for tagliatelle, in the superimposed version of pre-dryer and cooler, which solves the heat treatment, pre-drying and cooling area in a small space.

In short, it is a solution prepared in the upper part for the pre-drying of the various types of fresh and filled pasta shapes, and in the lower part for the cooling and stabilization of the pasta.

Once assembled, the two parts will form a single machine.

Automatic production lines for orecchiette, capunti, trofie and typical regional Apulian formats

Industrial orecchiette pasta machine
  • new PATENTED training basket group
  • deep groove orecchiette
  • formats equal to those made by hand
  • production from 30 to 180 kg / hour
  • constant and continuous feeding for perfect plasticity and color of the dough
  • extremely quiet
  • strengthening of the Apulian pasta shape formation belt
  • completely in stainless steel
  • compliant with CE standards
  • mod. OR produces orecchiette and all types of Apulian pasta
  • mod. CV produces all shapes of Apulian pasta, except orecchiette
  • new cutting unit

Automatic line plant for pre-cooked Lasagna and Cannelloni

The automatic line for pre-cooked Lasagne and Cannelloni is made up of modular industrial pasta machine equipped with speed variator, which allow the production line to be synchronized and make it possible to change the process parameters (cooking time, cutting length, etc.).

Once rolled, the puff pastry coming from the Kneading Press or Automatic Rolling Mill is collected and accompanied by an inlet belt inside the Cooker tank, which will contain water at 100 ° C.

These can slide inside the Cooker, and by varying the speed of the conveyor belts, the cooking time can be varied.

In the tank containing hot water there are two overlapping and parallel conveyor belts in immersion STAINLESS STEEL, integral with the lid.

The Lid-Belts group can be lifted by an automatic device allowing access to the tank for cleaning. In particular, it is possible to lift only the lid or the whole COVER / TAPES unit with extreme simplicity.

The strip of pasta with the filling will be formed into a cannelloni by a PATENTED ROLLING unit and subsequently cut by a Transversal Cutting Unit in the desired length.

In the case of lasagna production, the feeder unit and the rolling device will not be activated, thus allowing the production of lasagna of variable length based on the setting of the transversal cut.

Pasteurized filled fresh pasta line

The pasteurization lines for long, short, filled and gluten-free fresh pasta are designed and manufactured for the HEAT TREATMENT of food, entirely in the San Cesareo plant.

The heating system with boiler integrated into the machine and heat exchanger immersed in water, eliminates heat loss in the environment and minimizes consumption, allowing yields of 90/92%.

This means that we will have a significant energy saving and a deep pasteurization of the product for a quality filled fresh pasta.

Therefore PASTEURIZATION must not be seen only to extend the life of the PRODUCT, but we must make it clear to end customers that the PASTEURIZED product is synonymous with HYGIENIC GUARANTEE OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT.

By pasteurizing fresh pasta, we give customers a product free of pathogenic microgranisms and bacteria, obviously if we have followed the entire path from production to packaging with the necessary HYGIENIC / SANITARY precautions.

So PASTEURIZING FRESH PASTA, not only means optimizing the work thus avoiding waste, but also anticipating production in periods of intense work such as Christmas and Easter.

With our Pasteurizers for gluten-free long, short and filled fresh pasta you will always have a quality production at your fingertips for all your customers, small or large.

The easily removable cover of the pasteurization area allows total cleaning (washing) of the steam production tank and the belt. Power supply: LPG – METHANE – ELECTRIC (for some models).

Plants for gluten-free pasta factories

Thanks to the many years of experience gained in the design and construction of industrial pasta machine for fresh pasta, combined with the continuous research work of a staff of technicians and specialists, today we are able to provide global solutions to respond with maximum flexibility and efficiency to specifications requests of each company.

In recent years we have built systems for pasta factories to produce FRESH AND DRY PASTA WITHOUT GLUTEN, designing and building systems for the most varied product needs.


These lines are characterized by the application of advanced technologies, high flexibility and a marked reactivity to future evolutions and developments of the production systems in which they are used.

The service to customers starts from preliminary consultancy through the feasibility study, then moves on to design and construction, up to commissioning.

In addition, PAMA PARSI MACCHINE provides extensive and continuous after-sales assistance, both in terms of staff training with ON-SITE TRAINING, for the purpose of proper use of the system, and in terms of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

You can download the report of the Ministry of Health on Celiac disease.

All that remains is to wait for your requests, which we will analyze for your BUSINESS

Dry pasta lines

Industrial pasta machine for dry pasta production and PAMA pasta factories stand out for their ease of use and their technological and mechanical reliability, deriving from over 60 years of experience in the sector, with production capacities that can be reached as they are built with the concept of modularity.

The technology of PAMA pasta plants guarantees excellent product quality, respecting and maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the pasta, reducing energy consumption and drying times.
Achieving this goal has made a good contribution to the success of our customers.

The advantages of the PAMA dry pasta lines:
– traditional flavor characteristic of the pasta unaltered
– excellent color retention and cooking times
– electrical and thermal energy saving
– flexibility in the production of several types of pasta shapes thanks to the modularity of the machines
– simple and safe machines in their use
– minimal maintenance
– machines and lines lasting over time.

Let’s talk about solutions

Having its own PRODUCTION AUTONOMY as the flagship of the Company, we can create customized solutions for pasta factories by type of product, quantity of production, confined spaces, pasta shapes linked to the territory, shelf-life, short pasta, long pasta, customized packaging on request.

The modularity of our machines and the experience accumulated over the years allow us to meet needs even for small dry pasta production lines. These are just some of the many pasta factories for dry pasta that we have built over the years.

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Una giornata interamente dedicata all’essiccazione della pasta: il Corso pasta secca. Nella programmazione dei corsi per chi vuole aprire un Pastificio, abbiamo introdotto una giornata illustrativa e formativa, per illustrare e spiegare il processo produttivo di produzione di pasta secca artigianale.

Andremo ad analizzare, con contenuti pratici, le varie fasi che compongono la produzione di pasta secca:

Al termine della giornata, avrete modo di interagirer con i tecnini commerciali, che vi daranno supporto nello sviluppo pratico sulla vostra idea.

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Il business della pasta fresca negli ultimi anni è in continua crescita, ciò è dovuto soprattutto alla maggiore attenzione verso un’alimentazione sana e alla ricerca di piatti tradizionali e caserecci. Per questo motivo abbiamo introdotto nella nostra Azienda i Corsi GRATUITI per aprire ed avviare un Laboratorio Artigianale per la produzione di pasta fresca e Gastronomia.

Parleremo di: impasti, ripieni e utilizzo di tutte le Macchine, cottura a Convenzione Vapore per Gastronomie, Ristoranti e Pastifici, l’Abbattitore di Temperatura ed i suoi vantaggi, la Pastorizzazione e l’Essiccazione, il Confezionamento Sottovuoto in Atmosfera Modificata (ATM) degli alimenti.